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At DLP Real Estate Capital (the parent company of DLP Real Estate Management), we specialize in the single and multifamily real estate sectors of brokerage, fund investment and management, asset management, lease-up, property management, construction, and private lending. Within DLP Real Estate Management, we understand that our residents, investors, clients, and partners are our #1 priority and the experience of our prospects, residents, and team members define us. By living our Core Values, we passionately bring innovative real estate solutions and management to all facets of multifamily asset ownership.

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What Defines Us
Our Core Values


Driven for Greatness

We are driven to seek knowledge and pursue growth and greatness every single day in both our personal and professional lives.



We influence and impact our community, clients, and ourselves by exemplifying integrity, positivity, and humble confidence.


Perseverance & Passion for Long-term Goals: GRIT

We have the endurance and unshakable commitment necessary to achieve our visionary long-term goals.


Enthusiastically Delivering WOW

We go above and beyond, delighting everyone we encounter.


Living Fully

Our quest for excellence and the pursuit of our passions applies to all aspects of our lives – business, family, personal, and faith. We strive to live life to the fullest.


Innovative Solutions Focus

We do not simply talk about problems. We drive ourselves to create solutions that produce new, previously thought to be unimaginable results for our clients.


Twenty Mile March

We consistently hit targets, day after day, year after year, regardless of the prevailing conditions.


Execution & Excellence

We establish and surpass expectations that can only be achieved through a clear focus, commitment, and engagement on completing the most critical priorities.

Do you have what it takes to be a DLP Rockstar? Let’s see!
  • It starts with a fast pace and challenging environment. We've grown 700% in the past three years and we have hired 50+ Rockstar team members in the last quarter.
  • Our leadership begins with a visionary CEO who is smart, thoughtful, and gritty. He is the kind of leader you read about, hope to work with, and always learn from.
  • Our executive leadership team trusts one another, communicates effectively and is committed to helping team members grow both personally and professionally.
  • Our company has been nationally ranked on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for 5 straight years and counting.
  • We are rated the # 1 Real Estate Team in PA and NJ since 2013 and Top 10 nationally in REAL Trends and The Wall Street Journal.
  • We continue to be named in the Lehigh Valley’s Top Workplaces Award, year after year. The core of our success is our people.
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Our goal is to provide first-class services to our clients, our residents, and our investors.
What People Say
Team Member Testimonials

Looking for a workplace to call home? Well, look no further! This company is more like a family with caring, support, and structure. Here you will find all the tools needed for success. From the training to the comradery. I can't wait to say "Welcome Aboard"!

Margaret J. Team Member, Property Manager of The Village at Iris Glen

"DLP has been my family for five years and hopefully for years to come. They've always listened to our concerns and have taken a lot of my ideas into consideration when making changes. I've never worked for a company that has made me feel so loved."

Maira C.Team Member,Marketing Coordinator with DLP Real Estate Management

"I love working here because I feel I have an impact on people's' lives. Our DLP family is always willing to give a hand. I work with an awesome group of people. They're funny, talented, and they know how to put a smile on my face."

Angela W.Team Member, Training Associate with DLP Real Estate Management

"I love the growth potential at DLP. Our company is growing so fast and there's an opportunity for anyone who'd like to get ahead in their career. DLP supports and nurtures that. They will help you achieve your goals in any way that they can."

Kenny G.Team Member, Regional Maintenance Manager with DLP Real Estate Management

"This is my analogy of him. If you take the professional basketball league and every once in a while you get a Michael Jordan or a Lebron James, that’s what this man is like in the business world. He’s just one in a million; he’s so smart."

Larry G.Team Member, VP Construction

“One person can't do everything,” he says. “Each of us needs to surround ourselves with talented colleagues who complement our strengths and areas of improvement.”

Larry G.Team Member, VP Construction

"The collaborative energy, skyrocketing growth, unparalleled commitment to personal and professional achievement, and limitless success opportunities are unique with DLP. This company is a lifestyle, a purpose, and a determination."

Amy B.VP of Leasing, Marketing and Revenue with DLP Real Estate Management

At DLP, team members are given the same attention and appreciation that customers and owners receive in traditional companies. Residents are a priority. I am very proud to be a part of this 5-star career company experience.

Amy B.VP of Leasing, Marketing and Revenue with DLP Real Estate Management

Great management, leadership, training, and work/life balance. DLP's continued growth and sustainability is amazing. It's has been the best year and five months of my entire 20-year property management career and I look forward to continued growth.

Janell P.Team Member
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